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Name Haniwa


First Appearance Wouldn't you like to know?
Age 16
Birthdate May 2
Gender Male
ATK 500
DEF 500
Status The guy who made most of the articles

The Haniwa (埴輪?) are terra cotta clay figures which were made for ritual use and buried with the dead as funerary objects during the Kofun period (3rd to 6th century AD) of the history of Japan.

During the Kofun period, a highly aristocratic society with militaristic rulers developed. The cavalry wore iron armor, carried swords and other weapons, and used advanced military methods like those of Northeast Asia. Many of them are represented in Haniwa figurines for funerary purposes.

The most important of the haniwa were found in southern Honshū—especially the Kinai region around Nara—and northern Kyūshū. Haniwa grave offerings were made in numerous forms, such as horses, chickens, birds, fans, fish, houses, weapons, shields, sunshades, pillows, and male and female humans. Besides decorative and spiritual reasons of protecting the deceased in his afterlife, these figures also served as a sort of retaining wall for the burial mound.

Because these haniwa display the contemporary clothing, hairstyle, farming tools, and architecture, these sculptures are important as a historical archive of the Kofun Period.



Haniwa is one of the main contributors to this site. He was planning to start a new Wikia on this series but fortunately came upon Sasajun's site before he did anything. Haniwa is sometimes lazy on making updates but does what he can due to the lack of support at the moment. If you are wasting your precious time reading this please note Haniwa in real-life does NOT have 500ATK or 500DEF. Think lower. Lower. Thats the one, 0ATK and 0DEF!


Haniwa is just an fanboy who has nothing to do online at the moment as he got bored with onlline games and chatting.


You just dont know


Haniwa has no abillities. His English is flawed, he ocassionally makes spelling mistakes and he frequently uses the same words again and again in the articles he edits (the main ones are apparently, later, subordinates,.... Too many to list down). Fortunately there are at least two more people around who can help repair the articles but Sasajun has admitted herself her English isn't good and Haniwa has seen a few grammar mistakes in Angel_Terra's edits.

Plot Overview[]

Haniwa was bored of playing Flyff Online after 2 months and decided to make a Nougami Neuro Wikia just for the heck of it. He was cautious enough to search for an existing one through Google though, and stumbled upon an empty one started by Hakunio two months prior to his search. He attempted to make edits to the Wikia, but was stumped when he realised he had no idea on how to make infoboxes. He sought help on the Neuro Livejournal, where he managed to get the attention of Angel_Terra and the original creator of the site, Sasajun AKA Hakunio. The site began growing bigger with the support of the two, but Haniwa is quite aware noone else ever comes to the site to read the articles :3


  • Despite what you might think, Haniwa is NOT a clay figure in real life!