Yonetarou Migimori
Prime Minister 1
Name Migimori Yonetarou


First Appearance Chapter 49 (as a Red Box)
Birthdate April 4
Gender Male
Height 169cm
Weight 77kg
Status Former Prime Minister of Japan
Takanojou Migitsuma
Prime Minister 2
Name Migitsuma Takanojou


First Appearance Chapter 82

Episode 18

Gender Male
Seiyu Mitsuaki Hoshino
Status Current Prime Minister of Japan

There have been two fictional Prime Ministers of Japan in the series, both who played minor roles in the plot.

Yonetarou MigimoriEdit

Yonetarou Migimori (右森米太郎 Migimori Yonetarou) is the first prime minister seen in the series, but right after his introduction it is revealed that X had killed him and assumed his form, just to see the cells of a person of high authority. Unsurprisingly, X was left disappointed as the cells showed no difference from normal cells.

While using Migimori's form, X had the minister's subordinates investigate Neuro's background, but when they came up with no results, he revealed himself and killed the men.

Takanojou MigitsumaEdit

Takanojou Migitsuma (右妻鷹之丞 Migitsuma Takanojou) is the second prime minister introduced in the series. He often tries to stay calm and enjoy life, but he usually cannot handle too much pressure.

During the HAL Arc, HAL appears to Migitsuma, demanding him to hand over the H.Ostwald nuclear ship and all the supercomputers available in the country. Migitsuma is given time to make his decision, but before he is able to decide Neuro and Yako manage to defeat HAL. Migitsuma appears afterwards to congratulate and thank Yako for her help.

Later in the series Aya Asia tells Yako that Migitsuma occasionally makes visits to the penitentiary to listen to Aya's singing, as he is often stressed out by work. However, Aya's singing accidently relaxes Migitsuma a little too much in one of his visits that he decides to resign from his job.