The New Bloodline are major villians in the manga version of Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro. They do not make appearances in the anime.


The GroupEdit

The New Bloodline is a group led by Sicks, with their main aim as to erase humanity from Earth. Neuro sees this as a threat because this would deprive him of his food, the mysteries formed by humans. The New Bloodline consist of people who consider themselves a new species of humanity, formed through the "evil intent" building up from one generation to another throughout centuries. As Sicks puts it, as horses evolved from pig-like creatures due to their intent to "be faster", the New Bloodlines evolved from humans due to their intent to "kill", whereby their mentality is basically higher than that of humans. However, Sicks also points out the requirements that determine whether or not a person belongs in the group is not the DNA, but the strength of the mind to withstand anger and fear, and the moment the persons breaks down to either emotion, he or she will not be qualified to stay in the group. The members of the group are mostly people who once lived as normal humans until Sicks reveals their origins to them.


The New Bloodline members are shown to have high endurance, although this could be due to body enhancements (DR and Tierra both had X's cells inplanted in their bodies, while Vijaya had a parasitic plant growing within him). The members are shown to be capable of manipulating certain elements like fire, earth, water, and plants so far. They also appear to have high mentality, shown by Andrew Sixson's ability to memorize things within seconds and DR, who was academically and athletically talented since a young age. As the New Bloodline considers themselves a different species than humans, they generally do not feel any sympathy when killing them. As put by DR, he never felt guilty when killing humans because it felt equivalent to killing ticks. Although some fans speculated, they are however, unable to produce mysteries.


Shara and Shura

Sasha and Shura

So far, Sicks has been shown be the leader of the group. The Five Fingers (the five "main" and most powerful members of the Bloodline aside from Sicks) consist of Genuine, Zenjiro Kasai, DR, Tierra and Vijaya. According to Sicks, Andrew Sixson is a lesser member of the family. Homura Tetsuyuki, Kasai's nephew might be related to the New Bloodline, but as shown with DR's parents not all members in a family inherits the "evil intent" to become part of the group. X is quite possibly part of the New Bloodline, as (s)he was basically a clone of Sicks himself. Sasha and Shura are two women who seem to work for Sicks but it isn't said whether they are part of the New Bloodline or not.