Tetsuyuki Homura
Tetsuyuki Anime
Name Homura Tetsuyuki

穂村 徹行

First Appearance Chapter 63

Episode 16

Gender Male
Seiyu Yuuichi Nakamura
Status Car painter
Family Zenjirō Kasai (uncle)

Tetsuyuki Homura (穂村 徹行 Homura Tetsuyuki) is a minor character in Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro who acted as the first criminal in the HAL arc.



Tetsuyuki Normal

Homura as he appears in the manga.

Tetsuyuki Crime Face

Homura's Breakdown Mode.

Homura and an unnamed boxer are the first victims of the Electronic Drug in the manga (the anime shows that all the criminals met so far, barring X and possibly Aya Asia were influenced by the drug).

Homura works as a car painter. He initially behaves like a punk, but when Neuro exposes him as the criminal he pulls up his pants, puts on glasses and pulls his bandana around his forehead lke a headband. His personality is mostly like an otaku after being cured from the Electronic Drug, and has a thing for "moe" things (He used the word "moe" for "burn" before being cured). His hair, which was burnt by Neuro also seems to be growing back.


Homura's deep intent is to burn things. He received this through influence from his uncle, Zenjirō Kasai of the New Bloodline. However,he realizes he dislikes how fire can harm people after being cured by the Electronic Drug. It is not known if Homura is part of the New Bloodline, as Kasai originally intended to have Homura as a partner; although he might be distantly related, just like Andrew Sixson was.

Plot OverviewEdit

Homura was among the three suspects of the apartment arson case, along with Yūya Higuchi (undercover as Yūya Hida) and Atsugi Junichi, a businessman. Homura attempts to burn everyone after Neuro and Yako manage to expose him as the criminal of the case, but he suddenly becomes confused when Yako asks his motive and wonders why he was in such a state. He is later seen as one of the people under Higuchi's Electronic Drug vaccine.

Homura appears again after the HAL arc when he is visited by his uncle Zenjirō Kasai. Kasai tells him about the existence of Sicks and that he is going after X. Before leaving, Kasai sets Homura's garage on fire. Homura survives the incident.

After his encounter with his uncle, he has been mentioned once in Chapter 183, where Usui pointed out the similarity between Homura and Kasai's ways of doing things. At the end of the series, he is shown eating at a maid cafe with his pants pulled up to his shoulders.