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Tatanobu Asada
First Appearance Chapter 16
Episode 2
Last Appearance Chapter 202
Voiced by Nobuyuki Kobushi
Age 18
Birthdate June 22
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Weight 121kg
Status Highschool Student
Student Council President
Head of the Yako Katsuragi Fan Club

Tatanobu Asada (浅田忠信 Asada Tatanobu) is Yako's creepy (number 1) fanboy who appears randomly several times in the series.


Asada is a large guy with glasses. He is very quiet and shy despite his size, and usually only utters a few words before running off. Asada becomes Yako's fanboy after she solved Aya Asia's case, and he continues appearing throughout the series asking Yako to autograph his shirt.

After HAL's defeat and Yako gaining even more recognition, Asada appeared to be sad as the gap between him and Yako was widening. Later in the series, Asada goes on a diet to become thinner so that he could have some of the chocolate Yako was handing out for Valentine's day. Neuro had tainted the chocolate though, and upon eating them Asada goes berserk for a while. Ironically, while he was thin, he could not run as fast as he could when he was larger. He returns to his full-bodied self in the after the effect passes, and a few chapters later he shows up again when he is caught by Ishigaki in a fishing competition.

During the last chapter he encounters Yako one last time, announcing that he is engaged and getting married. His fiance appeared just as quiet as he was.