Seiichi Katsuragi
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Known Relatives Yako Katsuragi (daughter)
Haruka Katsuragi (wife)
X (son: anime only)

Seiichi Katsuragi is Yako's father. He is dead by the start of the series as a result of a murder. The mystery of his death was the second one to be solved by Neuro in the manga, though in the anime it was solved much later.


Although he is dead from the start of the series Yako mentions him several times throughout the series. Seiichi is shown to be a fairly kind man, though he tends to overreact whenever his daughter exceeds him. For example, he became very depressed when Yako managed to hook a larger fish than him when they went fishing. He is said to be science-minded and acted awkwardly when Yako showed him a mathematical problem as it was a foreign concept to him (though ironically science and mathematics usually require each other to be mastered). (the previous sentence is incorrect in the manga at least her father is shown to have a vast knowledge of mathmatics so when his daughter showed him a problem she could not understand he was baffled by her incompetance. A face that showed his disbelief that she was his daughter (since she did not understand a problem that seemed simple to him). At least that's what I got from the translation I read.

Plot OverviewEdit

In the mangaEdit

Prior to the start of the series, Seiichi brought Yako and Haruka to a restaurant for dinner. Takeda Keitaro was here however and after noticing Yako's sweet smile he became determined to put a negative expression on her face. Seiichi is killed as a result, signalling the start of the series. Seiichi's death would lead to Yako and Neuro's alliance which would last throughout the series.

After Seiichi's death is solved he is mostly mentioned by Yako for comic-relief, retelling the antics they used to go through like suffering Haruka's cooking skills and going fishing together.

In the animeEdit

Seiichi has a different role in the anime. He is dead from the beginning of the series but unlike the manga Neuro does not immediately solve the case. His death is brought up again in the final episodes where it is revealed that he was killed by X and not Takeda. While not canon, the anime series reveals that X was Seiichi's child which he had with a witch called Seiren.

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