Ruri Himemiya
First Appearance
Episode 2
Last Appearance
Episode 10
Age Teen
Gender Female
Status Rich Girl
Known Relatives Parents

Ruri Himemiya, or "Hime" for short. Is an anime only character, who appears in Episode 2, "Community", and makes a cameo in episode 10. She is a rich girl who enjoys talking to people on the social network known as Links, and is the leader of her own group on the site. At first she is sympathetic to the point of rudeness over the deaths of her fellow Links friends, however it is later revealed that she was the murderer of her so called friends on Links.

Hime grew up as a lonely rich girl, that had no friends or parents that spent time with her. Thus leading her to the wonderful world of Links, where she became the leader of her own group and made many friends. Due to her own insecurities, anyone that left her group, made her very angry. This lead her to ask fellow members for help, she would ask them to follow and surround her, in order to hide herself from others and stab the victim with her parasol.

Hime makes a cameo appearance in episode 10, One (Alone). She appears in the crowd watching Aya Asia, sing from department stores array of Televisions.


  • Hime has a few things in common with a character from a later investigation, Aya Asia. They were both revealed as the killers, and a reason for killing was a part of their loneliness. With Ruri it was because of people not being friends with her, and with Aya it was because she felt she needed to be alone to create good music. This could explain why Hime makes a cameo appearance in Aya's investigation, she appears in the crowd watching Aya's performance from department stores Televisions.