Masakage Shirota
Shirota Anime
Name Shirota Masakage


First Appearance Chapter 4

Episode 1

Gender Male
Seiyū Akio Ohtsuka
Status Supreme S. Owner

Masakage Shirota (至郎田正影 Shirota Masakage) is a head chef and owner of the Supreme S.



Shirota Sama

Shirota's "Breakdown Mode"

Masakage Shirota is the proud owner of the gourmet restaurant, Supreme S., which is known for its "Victory Dish". He usually behaves politely but becomes very outraged when his cookings are criticized. The "Victory Dish" is later revealed to be made with drugs and steroids for enhancing the taste, though Yako states while it tastes good, it doesn't feel fulfilling.

When Shirota injects the gravy from the "Victory Dish" into his bloodstream, the drugs effects start taking place and he enters his "Breakdown Mode". In this form Shirota's torso and arms become extremely muscular and veins pop up on his face. His strength exceeds a normal person's in this form and he could easily kill another person just by hitting him with a rolling pin.


When Kouji Unno, Shirota's assistant chef found out the truth about the "Victory Dish" he berated Shirota and threatened to tell the police department. Shirota, feeling angered and humiliated, took Unno out with one hit with a rolling pin.

Plot OverviewEdit

After the murder of Yako's father Neuro and Yako go to the Supreme S. to solve the mystery there. Neuro exposes Shirota as the criminal and Shirota injects himself with the "Victory Dish"'s gravy to attack Neuro. However, Neuro shrugs him off with just one finger and consumes his mystery, leaving Shirota as a weakened old man (whether this was the aftereffects of the drug of Neuro's doing is not stated). He doesn't appear anymore after this but is briefly mentioned by Usui when he was going through the reputations of criminals Yako and Neuro had busted. Much later in the series XI assumes Shirota's muscle form during his fight with Neuro at the amusement park.


Shirota Bobobo

Shirota attacks Bobobo and Don Patch

  • Shirota appears in Shinsetsu Bobobo as Usui's minion(not to be confused with Usui Naohiro). He attempted to get others to sample his dishes but no one would do it. He is taken down by Softon shortly after his appearance.
  • Shirota is one of the more popular criminals in the series, getting 2nd place in the first criminals popularity poll. His appearance in Bobobo may be one of the factors for this.
  • In the anime, "Breakdown Mode" Shirota has tan-coloured skin but in Jump Ultimate Stars his skin is purple (though it should be noted that the game has certain colour inaccuracies, for example Renji's Bankai being green instead of red).