Haruka Katsuragi
First Appearance Chapter 1
Episode 3
Last Appearance Chapter 202
Episode 22
Voiced by Naomi Shindoh
Gender Female
Status Magazine Editor
Known Relatives Yako Katsuragi (daughter)
Seiichi Katsuragi (husband)

Haruka Katsuragi (桂木 遥 Katsuragi Haruka) is Yako's mother and the wife of Seiichi Katsuragi. She is a minor character introduced early in the manga but plays a slightly larger role at the end of the anime series.

Character OverviewEdit

Haruka is generally a kind and loving mother, usually wanting to spend time with her daughter and showing some concern for her. She gets along with Neuro as well, although this is mainly because the only times she sees Neuro are when he fakes his pleasant mannerisms.

Haruka's main flaw however would be her horrendous cullinary skills. Aside from just "usual" mistakes like overheating, she uses inedible objects as ingredients, going to a hardware store to buy them. Her cookings are so bad they can cause radiation. Seiichi and Yako had to go through the ordeal of eating her meals until they had to hire Sonobe Miwako, a house keeper to make their meals. Yako has gained an iron stomach and developed her own cullinary abilities (though Yako's are actually good despite her similarly odd choice in ingredients) thanks to Haruka's cooking.

Role in the animeEdit

Haruka is only mentioned briefly during the first episodes through Yako's memories when her father was still alive, or when explaining that her mother had left the country because of her work, leaving Yako alone.

It is not until the last episodes that Yako gets word through Eishi Sasazuka that her mother, currently in South America, has been arrested and charged for murder. Upon arriving to look for her, Yako discovers that her mother was involved in a quest to find her husband's murderer. Her investigations led her to Seiren, a "witch" that had lived there more than a decade ago. Finding a connection between Seiren and her husband, Haruka sought a photographer who had supposedly taken a picture of the now deceased "witch" a few days ago. However, mere moments after they met in a restaurant, the photographer suddenly died and Haruka was marked as the culprit.

It was Haruka's actions that set forward the chain of events that would lead into X's and Neuro's final battle.

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